Some History


Created in 1860, by Mister Auguste HERDEGEN, the firm, which was installed in the heart of Paris, Boulevard Saint Martin, was first specialised in the fabrication of walking sticks and umbrellas. It has kept this knowledge and it's one of the last producters of eccentric, traditionnal and mechanics walking sticks.

Back from the first world war, Paul HERDEGEN, his son, perfected the first white walking sticks, in agreement with the Paris's Prefet, walking sticks which are becomes a universal way to help the blind persons



After the world war two, Jean HERDEGEN, foundator's little son, launched the first walking sticks, soon completed with others walk helping items : strollers, cruthes and rollators.

In 1975, when his son Antoine came, the firm stepp into a important level, with the launch of differents lines of home help equipment : dressing-room chairs, medicalised beds, tables, bath sits and an orthopedic line : necklaces, belts and tacles.

Partnering with big industrials groups permitted to prevent frequent use hurts : matelas Bultex and RECTICEL.

Nowadays HERDEGEN SA has several industrials and commercials sites :

A few realisations among others .......

Free, HERDEGEN SA developps, creates, products a big range of new articles, delivered only to the professionnals in France and abroad.

All our products are considered as medical devices by the European directives, so the all have the CE mark.

Here is in photos our products, classic or new, which are blending design and confort.


fun stick  (1999)

A big walk helping range, which places our society, one of the first Europe Productors.

Child's stick double adjustement (2000 creation)

Listening to our clients, some real professionals are leading and motivating our action.

  fixed or articulated strollers.

The materials's choice is leading our production, with for several years a systematical design work

does the usual can't be elegant ?


Pierced chair "open" confort the more (2000)

contact plus breveted,  Upchairs for the toilets confort generation (1996)

Clipper V  (2000-2001)

nautica, elegance in the bathroom(1990)

  bathroom and higiena, meeting between a life place and daily imperatives.

revolving bath chair (1995)

Multipositionned table, with a double inclination : top and pietment (1997)

new generation medicalised bed European norma (2001)

helping back-up armchair "success", three postions lots of colors (2001)

memory cushion with flexible dust-cover form 90% coton (2001)

The bedroom with all the confort forms : accessories to the useful.

Shelf-cushion always useful (2001)

flexible neckless (1992)

orthopedy a real contention range

crossed Contention (2001)

technical helps simple but so useful

(1980 to nowadays)


2001 will be, with you, a new odyssée, that will permit us to cop with the third millenium.


See you soon.....

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